Privacy Policy

Starting January 1st, 2004, Canada's national privacy legislation, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act applies to all insurance brokerages collecting, using or disclosing Personal Information.

At Lundgren & Young Insurance Ltd, we pledge to protect your privacy and safeguard your personal information. The following documents will help you better understand this legislation and how it works for you.

Our privacy policy

On January 1, 2004 the final phase of the federal Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act went into force for all commercial businesses and non-profit societies in Canada. The companies with whom you do business may ask for sensitive personal information to provide you with the goods or services you request from them. The confidentiality of information is fundamental to providing you with insurance coverage for your automobile, home, business or personal insurance needs. The following questions will help you understand how we gather, use and protect your personal information

What information do we collect?

Lundgren & Young Insurance Ltd. obtains your personal information through our brokers and licensed staff but only with your consent. Whether you are simply looking for a quote or have purchased insurance through our offices, we need to collect & store information such as:

How do we obtain your consent?

We obtain your consent (which may be written or implied) at the time your personal information is being collected, but only information needed to provide you with a quote to obtain the insurance you request, as permitted or required by law.

How do we use your information

When you submit an application or express an interest in purchasing insurance, a file created in your name in our office. This may be on paper, in electronic format, or both.

The Information is used to:

Most of the information we collect comes directly from you. We may be required to collect information from other sources such as another insurance company, motor vehicle registry or inspection company. This information may include details about any claims you may have had, motor vehicle or licensing reports, credit information or health issues.

For property insurance, we may need to inspect your property and verify information about the value and condition of your property. Information we share with any source is treated with the same confidentiality as information you provide on the insurance application. If you have a claim, we collect data necessary to report your loss to your insurer. The information needed depends on the type and magnitude of your loss. This information is gathered and kept with your consent.

How is your personal information protected?

Customer information is only available to those employees and agents who have a need to know in order to serve you. We have implemented all reasonable security measures to protect against unauthorized access, use, alteration, destruction, or disclosure of your personal information on and off our premises as well as our web site. We retain your information only for as long as necessary for the purpose identified and to meet obligations we have under the law.

Your personal information will remain protected in accordance with our privacy practices and procedures even after you are no longer associated with Lundgren & Young Insurance Ltd. With Whom and Why Would Lundgren & Young Insurance Share Your Information? In offering you insurance, we may send information from your file to industry-associated companies. These companies are also required to comply with the privacy laws in the same fashion to those applying to our company.

We only disclose information to regulatory agencies in connection with providing you with insurance and related services. We may be required to disclose information without your consent when we are legally obliged to do so.

We do not sell personal information to anyone. Period.

What Information do we have About you, and How can you View it or Contact us? Any information contained in our files can be obtained by either attending in person or you can request the information by mail. In either case, a written request must be submitted. If you feel the information is incorrect or incomplete, you may request that we make any necessary corrections, additions, and deletions to the disputed information.

Request forms are available at our offices, by mail or by downloading an information request form from the top of this page.

If you have a complaint about the collection, use or disposal of your personal information, a complaint form is also available at our offices or off our web site.

You may request a list of organizations to which we have disclosed your information, or inquire as to the purpose of such disclosure.